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Providing Eye Care Professionals Optical Products and Innovations Since 1990

In today's marketplace, eye care professionals need more from their laboratory than competitive lens pricing.  e.magine optical is committed to partnering with eye care professionals through innovative product technology, practice growth programs and personalized service.  Our team is devoted to providing your practice with opportunities to increase your patient satisfaction and your bottom line.

Wonderful news!  SBF is now certified for tinting!  We can now offer superior blue light protection without any restrictions!

Now validated for Spectrum+ as of 4/25/2016

SBF now available for Comfort DRx, Comfort W2+, Physio DRx, Physio W3+, and Varilux S in CR39, Poly, and 1.67 as of 4/19/2016.

Eyezen+ lenses now available! These lenses no longer require outside provided coatings and contain the revolutionary COMPLETELY CLEAR blue light filter called SBF(Smart Blue Filter). In many cases, Eyezen+ is less expensive than the previous Eyezen while having the added SBF benefits! We've put them in the "Anti-Fatigue" category for placing online orders. They do require a fitting height like Shamir Relax.

e.View HD Blended 24, 28, and 35 FreeForm lenses now available as of 12/1/2015. Produce round/blended segs in 477 possible material/color combintions!

Now accepting FedVIP and Pearle Vision VSP work through EyeFinity! Check for us in the lab drop down list.

Note, we've removed "Transitions" from the front of the XtrActive to make the names shorter, if you've been typing them in, start with an X rather than a T

Transitions XtrActive *Brown* now available in CR39, Poly, Trivex and 1.67 in SV, e.View HD, IOT, and several Shamir freeform designs. Also avail in CR39 ST28 and 7x28.

Comfort W2+ and Physio W3+ are now available! Incredible new high quality Varilux Digital lenses.

Shamir validated for Autograph III SV as of 12/19/2014

Polycarbonate Polarized Gradient(Gray and Brown) available in SV, e.View HD, select Shamir, and IOT FreeForm products as of 11/21/2014.

Transitions Signature VII Graphite Green now available as of May 6th available in CR-39/Poly/1.67 SV along with e.View HD, Essilor, Shamir, and IOT FreeForm.

Shamir validated for Attitude III Fashion, Attitude III Sport, Attitude III SV, and Duo as of 3/4/2014

Transitions Signature VII now available! For "Color" selection for online orders, select "Transitions VII Grey" or brown rather than " Brown Transitions" or " Grey Transitions". Transitions VI will be sold along side VII for the foreseeable future.

IOT Universal-B, Universal-N, Universal-D, Universal-First, Ultimate-B, Ultimate-N, Ultimate-D, Ultimate-First, and Ultimate-XS designs are now available.

Shamir Workspace and Computer freeform lenses available as of 10/11/2013.

Repel DES available as of 9/11/2013. Repel Digital Eye Strain is a new form of AR that selectively reflects blue light. This reduces eye strain while using modern LED lit devices. The back contains a special layer that reduces HEV(High Energy Visible) and UV light.

IOT FreeForm designs available as of 3/21/2013. Everyday and Universal are available as VSP selections. Also added e.View HD AF/AF Max, e.View HD Sport, e.View HD Drive, e.View HD Intro, e.View HD Mini, and e.View HD SV Wrap.

As of 9/21/2012 Repel Plus has now been enhanced with full backside UV protection! Included -without- any change in price to you!

Now processing in house the full line of Essilor/Varilux Digital, Shamir FreeForm, IOT, and e.View HD digital lenses!